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Module Levels Blurb Certs
LSJ01PF Merchants  1-3  Amthydor.  The Jewel of Raia.  A city recovering from crisis.  With the near civil war and the plague of undead that have swept the city, Amthydor’s manpower is at an all time low.  A series of bandit raids have raised concern among the merchants.  Is it just a coincidence, or are more sinister forces involved? Only the bravest adventurers will find out! LSJ01 Merchants Certs
LSJ02_Temples  1-5  With the construction of the new Temple of Lucor almost completed, there has been a rash of thefts from just about every temple in the Temple District . . . save Lucor. While no one has outright accused them of the thefts, whispers speak louder than words. Are they responsible for the problems in the district or is there something else going on? LSJ02 Temples Certs
 LSJ03_Nobles  1-5  Bandits caught raiding the Temple District have raised questions incriminating questions about one of the noble houses of Amthydor.  Is there a spy problem in the Jewel of the Realm?  Is everyone who they appear to be? LSJ03 Nobles Certs
LSJ04 BedroomEyes  1-5  The night has many eyes, and in Amthydor, someone’s are on one of the city’s  loveliest women. Can you put a stop to a voyeur’s unwanted attention?  LSJ04 Bedroom Eyes Certs
LSJ05 HelpWanted!  1-5  The shortage of laborers in a city depopulated by emigration and war has motivated the Lord Monarch to send the call across the land for laborers of all stripes. But as the saying goes – be careful what you wish for, you might just get it!  LSJ05 Help Wanted Certs
LSJ06 Under The Streets  1-6  After Amthydor’s recent invasion of undead, many parts of the city suffered great damage. Amthydor needs her wrecked sewers restored. The Lord Monarch has ordered the system to be repaired… but the workers who are trying to do so keep turning up dead. Can you get to the bottom of what lurks under the streets of the Shining Jewel?  LSJ06 Under the Streets Certs
LSJ07 Author Author  2-7 A frustrated author and a stolen manuscript… not what most heroes envision as the beginning of their next adventure. But danger and glory take many forms in the Shining Jewel of the Freelands.  LSJ07 Author Author Certs
LSJ08 Night Ransom  1-5  After helping food distribution for the homeless refugees from the closed-off District of the Poor, Elaine Mour failed to return home after finishing her chores. She wasn’t even missed by the time a ransom note appeared on the door of the House Mour Estate. “If you wish to see your daughter again, you are instructed to carry out this task to the letter. If not, she will most certainly die . . .”  LSJ08 Night Ransom Certs
LSJ09_Down_and_Out 2-5  The machine of war left many wretches in its wake. These desperate souls are the forgotten flotsam; Amthydorís desperate and deprived. Getting these folk off the streets is a noble goal… unless those people are never being seen again. Can you find out what is happening to those for whom the Jewel of the Vast does not shine?  LSJ09 Down and Out Certs
LSJ10_Lament  2-7  Reconstruction has begun in the City of Amthydor, but first the ruined areas have to be made safe. The city needs brave souls to help clear out abandoned buildings of danger. Will you take up the call? Can you face what you will find?  LSJ10 Lament Certs
LSJ11_Dead_Racket  1-5  In the northeast corner of the Merchants District a couple of proprietors have disappeared. The Merchant’s Guild is concerned and has hired some adventurers to investigate these disappearances. The strange thing is, none of the shop owners left there will talk about the disappearances…  LSJ11 Dead Racket Certs
LSJ12_Lions_Tigers_and_Bears  1-5  Wild animals prowl the streets of Amthydor and roam the surrounding countryside. Can they be stopped before serious harm is done?  LSJ12 Lions Tigers Bears Certs
LSJ13_Ghost_Town  1-5  At the request of a friend, you have traveled to the small town of Brexton. Now that you’ve arrived, you find that you’re the only ones here! Where has everyone disappeared to?  LSJ13 Ghost Town Certs
LSJ14_Child_of_Beauty  1-6  It seems like a simple assignment. A sorcerer is asking you to bring his daughter to him. What could go wrong in the Shining Jewel?  LSJ14 Child of Beauty Certs
LSJ15_Terror_From_Below  1-6  The hordes of the restless dead strike the city of Amthydor once more, wreaking havoc with its citizens, paupers and rich nobles alike. Recently the Diamond Legion crushed the machinations of the Magocracy of Pyrroth to create an undead army, but the dead still rise like the morning sun to plague the living. Who or what is continuing the evil that was thought vanquished? And more importantly, who is brave enough to stand against such dark power?  LSJ15 Terror From Below Certs
LSJ16_Pirates_Ahoy  1-6  The city is beginning to come back from its greatest disaster, and ships once again bring new and fresh products from other ports. New possibilities open in the city, and maybe even for a few people to take advantage of that prosperity….

 LSJ16 Pirates Ahoy Part 1 Certs

LSJ16 Pirates Ahoy Part 2 Certs

LSJ17_Jaded_Life  1-6  Living in Amthydor can be dull or interesting especially for its adventurers. Though when people turn up missing, the Diamond Legion turns to adventurers for help. Can the Adventurers of the Shining Jewel find the missing people before its too late?  LSJ17 Jaded Life Certs
LSJ18_Dire_Consequences  1-6  Unnatural creatures are attacking travelers and livestock around Amthydor. Can you learn where they are coming from, and who sent them, before you become the next victim?  LSJ18 Dire Consqeuences Certs
LSJ19_The_Ties_That_Bind  1-6  A missing relative leads you on a search and rescue mission in the mountains near Amthydor. Is this just a missing person case, or is a greater threat waiting to be found?  LSJ19 The Ties That Bind Certs
LSJ20_On_a_Wing_and_a_Prayer_Round_One    This module is no longer available  UNAVAILABLE
LSJ20_On_a_Wing_and_a_Prayer_Round_Two     This module is no longer available UNAVAILABLE
LSJ21_Grimm_Evidence  1-6  The offices of the Fraternity of Venturers offer a little comfort to adventurers who are awaiting meetings while keeping a professional appearance. Here you sit awaiting a meeting with Melton Daderhoff and some potential clients. But what would a law firm want with some adventurers and why do you hear a lion growling from behind the door?  LSJ21 Grimm Evidence Certs
LSJ22_To_Wake_The_Soul  3-8  As an old threat rears its head once more, a dark secret threatens to tear the city apart. Only the most stalwart heroes can hope to win a battle where the mightiest swords may dull and fail!

 LSJ22 To Wake The Soul Certs Part 1

LSJ22 To Wake The Soul Certs Part 2

LSJ23_Diplomacy_Made_Easy  1-6  You have been assigned to support the Amthydoran diplomatic endeavors to Jadenspur, a northern city in the Free Lands that not only administrated by adventurers, but is more chaotic to boot. A simple trade agreement is all that is needed. What could go wrong?  LSJ23 Diplomacy Made Easy Certs
LSJ24_Merchants_Price  1-6  An ambassador comes to Amthydor, being wooed by the three organizations bent to establish the only new merchant house allowed in the city. But a fourth party is bent on her assassination. The PCs must strive to assist her in negotiations with these organizations and prevent her from falling to an assassin’s blow. LSJ24 Merchant’s Price Certs  
LSJ25_For_Love_of_Beer  1-6  The perfect ingredients. The perfect temperature. The perfect process. The perfect barrel. The perfect pitcher. The perfect mug. The perfect taste. The perfect beer. It’s so, so close! It’s near! It’s here! Oh no! It’s gone!  LSJ25 For Love of Beer Certs
LSJ26_Tooth_and_Claw  2-7  An adventurer, one of your own kind, asks your assistance in helping her retrieve lost belongings in a adventurer gone awry. She doesn’t expect much trouble, but horrifying dreams and memories caution her to bring along protection. Will you help? And will you survive?  LSJ26 Tooth and Claw Certs
LSJ27_Smoke_and_Mirrors  2-7  The city of Amthydor has its share of famous people, places and things. But when a mysterious black tower appears near the city’s walls, the rumors begin flying left and right. More mysterious is the appearance of a job offer from someone called the Professor and to apply at the tower? What is this all about?  LSJ27PF Smoke and Mirrors Certs
LSJ28_Until_Proven_Innocent  2-7  One of Amthydor’s finest has been accused of crimes most heinous and severe, and he needs the help of heroes to prove his innocence. When a man’s life hangs in the balance, can you uncover the truth?  LSJ28 Until Proven Innocent Certs
LSJ29_Fools_Gold  2-7  A Regatta is announced, a race to Fool’s Point, an island a day from Amthydor. Fastest time wins! But what happens when the race becomes a terror trap? Can the PCs defeat the enemy and win the race?  LSJ29 Fools Gold Certs
LSJ30_Sour_Grapes  1-6  A local wine vineyard of substantial influence has fallen on inexplicably hard times.  The owner seems intent on keeping his reputation intact and his closet doors shut.  Can the heroes uncover the cause of the blight and resolve things while maintaining the discretion their employer requires?  LSJ30 Sour Grapes Certs
LSJ31_Due_Process  3-8  What could be so important to be summoned to the Gilded Cage so early? Nileena Quinn’s letter was short and to the point. Maybe it will be clear once we get there…  LSJ31 Due Process Certs
LSJ33_Prince_of_the_Paupers_Round_One  2-7  In the structured feudal society of Amthydor, there is a place for everyone and everyone has a place. But now rebellion is brewing, and the order of life in the Shining Jewel is threatened. Will you help to prevent the uprising or will you join it?  LSJ33 Prince of the Paupers Certs
LSJ33_Prince_of_the_Paupers_Round_Two  2-7  In the structured feudal society of Amthydor, there is a place for everyone and everyone has a place. But now rebellion is brewing, and the order of life in the Shining Jewel is threatened. Will you help to prevent the uprising or will you join it?  LSJ33 Prince of the Paupers Certs
LSJ34_Cooking_Good  3-8  The children of five of the city’s noble families have been attacked. The attacks had nothing in common, other than the fact that the victims were children of the city’s noble families, or did they? Your job is to find out who’s behind the attacks and why, and stop them if you can.  LSJ34 Cooking Good Certs
LSJ35_Paper_Dragon  1-9  The City’s poor are always in need of help, ever since their district was abandoned during the undead invasion. No one goes into the Poor District. But when a little girl turns up lost in there, it’s up to adventurers to rescue her. Are they up to the challenge?  LSJ35 Paper Dragon Certs
LSJ36_Haunted_By_The_Past  1-9  When people begin to go missing in the Services District, stories abound that the many gargoyles that adorn the buildings throughout this historic district have become something more then mere decoration.  LSJ36 Haunted By The Past Certs
LSJ37_Birds_of_a_Feather  1-9  A late lunch and a small shopping trip lead to a chase for a prophecy yet told and you must face a villain most foul.  LSJ37 Birds of a Feather Certs
LSJ38_The_Quick and_the_Dead  1-9  What appears at first to be a simple disturbance in the street quickly becomes something far more serious. Why should you be afraid, and what is the connection with all those undead running around the Poor District?  LSJ38 The Quick and the Dead Certs
LSJ39_The_Edge_of_Night_Round_One  1-9  With great anticipation, all of Amthydor awaits the “Celebration of Sorena,” a gala that marks the anniversary of the expulsion of most of the undead from Amthydor a couple of years ago. But darkness overshadows the celebration as Darkbringers conspire to end the festivities once and for all. It will be up to the heroes to thwart the villains and put a stop to their dark machinations.  LSJ39 The Edge of Night Rnd 1 Certs
LSJ39_The_Edge_of_Night_Round_Two  1-9  With great anticipation, all of Amthydor awaits the “Celebration of Sorena,” a gala that marks the anniversary of the expulsion of most of the undead from Amthydor a couple of years ago. But darkness overshadows the celebration as Darkbringers conspire to end the festivities once and for all. It will be up to the heroes to thwart the villains and put a stop to their dark machinations.  LSJ39 The Edge of Night Rnd 2 Certs
LSJ40_A_Three_Hour_Tour  1-6  Pirates have always been a problem, taking cargo and releasing the crews, but now entire ships have gone missing. Can you help, before another vessel is lost?  LSJ40 A Three Hour Tour Certs
LSJ41_Rights_of_Passage_ v5  5-10  Townsfolk, farm hands, and caravan workers alike are disappearing of late. Can the heroes of Amthydor get to the bottom of this?  LSJ41 Rights of Passage Certs
LSJ42_Getting_Our_Feet_Wet_v1  1-6  What lies beyond the docks of Amthydor? What lives just beneath the sea? When certain factions start to have problems, it is a sign that adventurers will soon find out.  LSJ42 Getting Our Feet Wet Certs
LSJ43_Blood Brothers  1-11  No sooner does one adventure end than another presents itself, but is this really a matter for heroes like yourselves? An overdue ship and a personal memento are hardly proof of secret missions or conspiracy plots. Are they the fanciful claims of a delusional man, part of some grand scheme by smugglers and pirates, or perhaps something bigger that will rewrite the history of Amthydor?  LSJ43 Blood Brothers Certs
LSJ45_From_Bitter_Searching_of_the_Heart_v4  1-13  As one menace ends, another threatens. The hope of Amthydor rests upon the shoulders of one man…but will be save the city or bring about its ruin? Only you can decide!  LSJ45 From Bitter Searching of the Heart Certs
LSJ46_The_End_of_Innocence  1-13  When dark forces threaten the peace of Amthydor, sometimes what you don’t know CAN hurt you.

 LSJ46 The End of Innocence Part 1 Certs

LSJ46 The End of Innocence Part 2 Certs

LSJ47 Cold Iron Heart  1-11  The Diamond Legion has need of adventurers to look into thefts from the learned places around the city. Can the heroes of Amthydor figure out who is behind this and why?  LSJ47 Cold Iron Heart Certs
LSJ48 Genesis  1-13  All the clues come together as the evil plot is finally revealed! Can the heroes stop the vile plans involving the Dark Tome? And if they do, will they instead witness the birth of an even greater evil?

 LSJ48 Genesis Part 1 Cert

LSJ48 Genesis Part 2 Certs

LSJ48 Genesis Part 3 Certs

LSJ49_Animal_Magnetism  1-11  Strange things have been happening in the Shining Jewel. Normally docile animals have suddenly been attacking their owners, and other residents of the city. Who or what is behind these attacks? Will you help to find the answers?  LSJ49 Animal Magnetism Certs
LSJ50 Training Day  1-11  In an unprecedented move the Diamond Legion has thrown open its doors and invited the citizens of Amthydor into its training facility. What is the reason behind this invitation, and will you accept it?  LSJ50 Training Day Certs


Module Levels Blurb Certs
LSJ51 The City That Never Sleeps 5-15 A team of researchers has gone missing south of Amthydor. It’s up to the heroes to find out what happened.  LSJ51 City That Never Sleeps Certs
LSJ52_Taking the Plunge 1-6 Amthydor has many ties with many countries. But underwater it has few. When trouble starts brewing between the sea elves and the merfolk, adventurers are asked to investigate.  LSJ52 Taking The Plunge Certs
LSJ53_Double_Jeopardy 3-15 It has been over a year since the League of Thaumaturgical Studies has been seen working on Portal Magic. At least, in the public eye. Now you have received a missive saying, “Please come to the League and take part in the greatest of all experiments! Travel to the next city in a blink in an eye . . . we hope. Your experience is eagerly requested.” An experience like this sounds like something destined for the history books! So why is there a pit forming in the middle of your stomach?  LSJ53 Double Jeopardy Certs
LSJ54 Wind’s Inheritance 5-13 You have been singled out for a mission of great importance. The leader of Amthydor’s famed Eagle Riders, General Llandra Skyrider, has selected you for a mission based upon your growing reputation of discretion and successfulness. But even still, you cannot help but feel that a lot more is riding on the success of this mission than a simple lost inheritance

 LSJ54 Wind’s Inheritance Part 1 Certs

LSJ54 Wind’s Inheritance Part 2 Certs

LSJ55 Making Up For Lost Time 1-13 Today started out like any other day, well you think it did. For some reason you can’t remember much about today. Something seems to be preventing you from remembering what happened earlier today. Can you figure out what that something is, and why? This is a combat intensive non-typical dungeon crawl.

 LSJ55 Making Up For Lost Time Part 1 Certs

LSJ55 Making Up For Lost Time Part 2 Certs

LSJ56_Withering 2-12 Feathers are withering like the troops in a deadly battle. Of possible interest to followers of the elemental deities, sky elves, and bird lovers. Sky elves and other winged PCs play at your own peril.  LSJ56PF Withering Certs
LSJ57_Stolen_Glances_and_Echoes_of_Long_Ago 1-13 Several citizens have reported losing their sight, or their hearing, while others have been disappearing. Someone needs to figure out what is happening, is that someone you?

 LSJ57PF Stolen Glances Part 1 Certs

LSJ57PF Stolen Glances Part 2 Certs

LSJ58_Where The Wild Things Are 5-13 Change is in the air, and it appears that no one in Amthydor is immune. Will you solve the mystery and discover the cure, or will the people of the Jewel fall one by one?

 LSJ58PF Wild Things Part 1 Certs

LSJ58PF Wild Things Part 2 Certs

LSJ58PF Wild Things Part 3 Certs

LSJ58PF Wild Things Part 4 Certs

LSJ59_Fists of Fury 1-11 Reports are coming in of people in the city being attacked for no reason. So far you’ve been lucky, in that you haven’t been a victim. Will your luck hold out and prevent you from being a victim, or do you think that you have what it takes to do what the Diamond Legion can’t and catch those responsible.

 LSJ59PF Fists of Fury Part 1 Certs

LSJ59PF Fists of Fury Part 2 Certs

LSJ60_Inner_Demons 1-13 It wasn’t until five years ago that Amthydor was blissfully ignorant of demon activity. But since then, (and increasingly so) demon activity has been on the rise . . . with much concern from both the Diamond Legion and the Shrine of Dymora. Now it is up to you to discover why the demon incursions are occurring and to put a stop to it once and for all.

 LSJ60PF Inner Demons Part 1 Certs

LSJ60PF Inner Demons Part 2 Certs

LSJ61_HelpWanted_II 1-13 Despite the old saying, size does matter – especially if you are a giant! Olek has a “little” problem, one that threatens to become a disaster for not just him, but all the people of Amthydor as well. Can you help the gentle colossus? LSJ61PF Help Wanted II Certs
LSJ62_Diamonds Are An Elf’s Best Friend 1-15 Now where could that Dark Tome be? The elves blame Amthydor for it going missing and have declared war. Can you help the city by helping the elves? LSJ62PF Diamonds Certs
LSJ63_Beguiling Isn’t It 1-13 Reports are coming in of people losing their homes and businesses. There seems to be no common denominator between the people suffering the loss, other than after reporting their loss they all seem to disappear. Can you figure out who or what is behind this and stop it? LSJ63PF Beguiling Isn’t It Certs
LSJ64+Helping Hands 1-6 Lady Cassandra Atwood, a wealthy and reclusive former member of Amthydoran nobility has passed away. Lady Cassandra wished to be remembered fondly after her passing so she decided to do something unusual with her fortune. That’s where you come in. LSJ64PF Helping Hands Certs
LSJ65+Dirty+Laundry 5-15 Do some of Amthydor’s most prominent citizens have something to hide? Someone thinks so, and they are threatening to reveal all of the nobles’ dirty little secrets if they don’t get what they want. In a situation where everyone has something to gain, or to lose, discretion is a must. LSJ65PF Dirty Laundry Certs
LSJ66 Infernal Dilemma 1-13 Destruction, deceit, and diabolic devastation is the recipe for today’s outing. Throw in the Shrine of Dymora, and you have a plot of accusations that could break the spirit of the Amthydoran people. And with the elven skirmishes getting closer to the city, can Amthydor afford to lose its Faith in its most dire moments? LSJ66PF Infernal Dilemma Certs
LSJ67 Infinite Divergences 1-15 The Scales of Peliron have been stolen and odd things have been happening in and around the city. Dead people are alive again and some even are not as you remember them. And that’s only the tip of the problem. With the fighting from the war nearing Amthydoran soil, you must end this chaos before the real battle begins . . . or there will be Hell to pay . . . . LSJ67PF Infinite Divergences Certs
LSJ68 Make Friends, Not War 1-15 Trouble is brewing deep under the sea. The King of the Sea Elves fears for his people and all of Amthydor. What could be causing all the strange happenings? You need to find out before the world drowns under the weight of war. LSJ68PF Make Friends, Not War Certs
LSJ69 Officer Down 1-15 The Diamond Legion has received information stating that a prominent member of the Diamond Legion will be assassinated in an attempt to demoralize the city during this time of escalating tension. The information didn’t mention who the target of this assassination attempt would be, just that his/her demise will shake the foundation of the city. The Diamond Legion is turning to you for assistance. LSJ69PF Officer Down Certs
LSJ70 Sins of the Father Revised 1-15 In war it is the innocent who suffer most

LSJ70PF Sins of the Father Part 1 Certs

LSJ70PF Sins of the Father Part 2 Certs

LSJ71Fight or Flight 1-3 How dangerous can it be to help locate a missing traveler?

LSJ71PF Fight or Flight Part 1 Certs

LSJ71PF Fight or Flight Part 2 Certs

LSJ72 In The Eyes Of A Child 1-15 A traveling carnival has arrived in Amthydor. Unlike most carnivals, all of the games and attractions are operated by children in the hope of getting them adopted. At the same time, the Diamond Legion has received a tip that a notorious assassin who’s left a trail of victims throughout Raia is heading to Amthydor. Unfortunately, no one has a description of this assassin. Is there a connection between the carnival and the tip that the legion received and can you find it before the assassin claims his/her next victim.

LSJ72PF In the Eyes of a Child Part 1 Certs

LSJ72PF In the Eyes of a Child Part 2 Certs

LSJ73 Ms Gnomer 1-15 Tiffany Brandywine, a cousin within the gnomish noble house of Krimpach, is looking for a husband. But her criteria for a mate confounds even the head of this unusual noble house that Lord Krimpach has hired you to find the perfect man for this finicky woman. Easy, right? LSJ73PF Ms Gnomer Certs
LSJ74 A Grave Undertaking 1-15 Will you help grant the last request of a hero of Amthydor? LSJ74PF A Grave Undertaking Certs
LSJ75 Be Careful What You Wish For 1-15 Sometimes wishes do come true, but not always as they’re expected to. It seems as if someone’s wish for Amthydor is about to come true, or is it? Inquiring minds want to know and the fate of at least 1 prominent person hangs in the balance.

LSJ75PF Be Careful What You Wish For Part 1 Certs

LSJ75PF Be Careful What You Wish For Part 2 Certs

LSJ76 As You Wish  1-15  There is an old adage that “Children should be seen and not heard” This is what happens when children are seen and heard.

LSJ76PF As You Wish Part 1 Certs

LSJ76PF As You Wish Part 2 Certs

LSJ76PF As You Wish Part 3 Certs


LSJ77 – In the Navy Now…  5-14  Trouble on the seas is not new, but usually that trouble doesn’t make its way to you; which makes this request for aid from the Amthydoran Navy that much more puzzling. Sadly, the Diamond Legion doesn’t request help when it is a simple thing to accomplish.  
LSJ78 That Sinking Feeling  1-13  Missing ships. An old man far from home. A personal favor. Is there a common thread? Are they linked? Take a trip and find out.

 LSJ78PF That Sinking Feeling Part 1 Certs

LSJ78PF That Sinking Feeling Part 2 Certs

LSJ79+A+Bird+in+the+Hand  1-15  Accusations are being made, secrets are being hidden, people are dying and someone may not be who they claim. Can you learn the truth before anyone else is hurt?

LSJ79PF A Bird in the Hand Part 1 Certs

LSJ79PF A Bird in the Hand Part 2 Certs

LSJ80 Three Lock Box  1-5  A gnome succumbed to the excitement of the big city.  He now needs your help completing his quest. LSJ80PF Three Lock Box Certs
LSJ81Business As Unusual  1-6  A local businessman wants a little investigation done prior to his making an
investment and he’ll happily pay a small fee to learn if there is enough chance of
success to make the business a worthwhile investment. What could be easier than
 LSJ81PF Business As Unusual Certs
LSJ83PF Filet Minion  1-6  A simple errand for a local merchant promises good pay with little risk. All of
your missions should be this easy.

 LSJ83PF Filet Minion Part 1 Certs

LSJ83PF Filet Minion Part 2 Certs

LSJ84 Double Vision  1-15  A crime wave has hit the city. The Diamond Legion investigated each of the
crimes and arrested those responsible, or so they thought. In each case the criminal
had an air tight alibi? So the question remains if they didn’t commit the crimes,
then who did?
 LSJ84PF Double Vision Certs
LSJ88 How Does Your Garden Grow  5-15  A call from one thought sleeping brings the Heroes of Amthydor back to the Lost City. This module contains some spoilers for The City That Never Sleeps. It is recommended, but not required, to play that module first.  LSJ88PF How Does Your Garden Grow Certs
LSJ89 Nobody’s Fool  1-6  Who is killing the great Bards of Amthydor? It is up to the heroes to find out
whom and stop it before another bard dies. Perhaps the joke is on them?

 LSJ89PF Nobody’s Fool Part 1 Certs

LSJ89PF Nobody’s Fool Part 2 Certs

LSJ90 Ick Ptooey!  1-6  It was supposed to be a business meeting with good food and good drink. Who
could have known?
 LSJ90PF Ick Ptooey Certs
LSJ91And+So+It+Begins+Round+1  4-15  A request from the church of Brianna turns into a trek into the wild. And then,
things go really wrong. Can you find out who is threatening villages all around
Amthydor before it’s too late?
LSJ91PF And So It Begins Part 1 Certs
LSJ91PF+And+So+It+Begins+Round+2  4-15  A request from the church of Brianna turns into a trek into the wild. And then,
things go really wrong. Can you find out who is threatening villages all around
Amthydor before it’s too late?
LSJ91PF And So It Begins Part 2 Certs
LSJ92PF X Does Not Mark The Spot  5-14  The Diamond Legion needs you to investigate the unexplained disappearance of a
doddering, absent-minded researcher who was trying to unlock the encoded secrets
of a map that makes no sense. It’s going to be a long day…
LSJ92PF X Does Not Mark The Spot Certs
LSJ93 Must Be Nice  1-13  There’s trouble in the marketplace! Amthydoran merchants ask outrageous prices
from foreigners or simply refuse foreign currencies. Foreign trade is breaking
down. Can you find a solution?
LSJ93PF Must Be Nice Certs
LSJ94 Elementary My Dear  1-17  A man disappears on his way to his wedding leaving his bride to be at Destine’s
altar. Can you find the man before it’s too late?
LSJ94PF Elementary My Dear Certs
LSJ96 Strike one A Swing and a Miss  1-15  Kidnappings? Assaults? Sounds like any other day in Amthydor. You can’t help but wonder who the targets are this time and how much you’ll receive for stopping the villain’s plans. LSJ96PF Strike One Certs
LSJ97Strike_Two_Fowl_Ball  1-15  Another day in Amthydor brings intrigue and danger. The call for assistance was
not specific, but the location you were told to report to was. The Gilded Cage,
what sort of problems can be found there, only the gods themselves know.
LSJ97PF Strike Two Certs
LSJ98PF Strike_Three_Caught_Looking  1-15  Another day in Amthydor brings intrigue and danger. The call for assistance was
not specific, but the location you were told to report to was. The Gilded Cage,
what sort of problems can be found there, only the gods themselves know.

LSJ98PF Strike Three Part 1 Certs

LSJ98PF Strike Three Part 2 Certs

LSJ99PF There’s only one way  1-15  Races that are short of stature are in danger from a league set out to expand the war. Are you hero enough to stop a war from spreading? LSJ99PF There’s Only One Way Certs
LSJ100 What Evil Lurks  1-15  Don’t you hate it when you find out that something that ‘everyone knows’ is
true…isn’t? Sometimes what you don’t know CAN hurt you.
LSJ100PF What Evil Lurks Certs


Module Levels Blurb Certs
LSJ101 More Trolls More Trouble 1-15 They say that wine is the root of all evil or is evil what men do? But when
monsters hit the streets, it’s up to heroes to find the root of the problem.
LSJ101PF More Trolls More Trouble Certs
LSJ102PFUnicorns, Puppies and Dragons 1-7 For months now, the marketplace has been having sightings of unicorns and puppies running rampant, causing chaos and destruction. When the sightings become more frequent and bigger things are being  spotted, it’s time for heroes to get to the root of the problem.   LSJ102PF Unicorns Puppies and Dragons Certs
LSJ103 Cold as Ice 1-17 You’ve been summoned to the League of Thaumaturgical Studies to meet with
Councilor Dinalta. The message did not go into specifics, just that the rewards
would be determined by the risk. PCs that are members of the League might be
interested in playing this.
  LSJ103PF Cold As Ice Certs
LSJ104 Tears of Zara Fall 5-17 Heading home from a easy run. The money and a bath will do you some good.
Then something hits your hand. Is that sleet? No these are pebbles. What type of
storm is this?
  LSJ104PF Tears From Zara Fall Certs
LSJ105 Someone to Watch Over Me 1-17 A killer is loose in Amthydor and the bodies are piling up. There’s no shortage of
suspects or potential victims, but which is which?
  LSJ105PF Someone To Watch Over Me Certs
LSJ106 Have Sword, Will Travel 1-5 Every would-be hero has to start somewhere. Do you have what it takes to follow
the clues and help unearth a fabled lost treasure?
  LSJ106PF Have Sword Will Travel Certs
LSJ107 Settling the Score 1-17 There is a saying that “No good deed goes unpunished”, however the same can be said about bad
deeds depending on one’s perspective.
LSJ108 Good Knight, Gnome Knight 1-8 A natty, gnomish noble in need. Dastardly deeds done at the docks. Competent collection of courageous couriers could collect cash. Serious adventurers need not apply.   LSJ108 Good Knight, Gnome Knight Certs
LSJ109 PF The Jokes on You 1-6 You were summoned to the Dauntless Dolphin for the start of another possible adventure. The summons did not go into specifics, other than to say those without a sense of humor should not show up. A Role-playing intensive scenario.   LSJ109PF The Jokes On You Certs
LSJ110 Day of Death 1-17 A day of celebration for the Lord Monarch’s daughter Jocelyn’s birthday should be fun, but the rumors of an assassination attempt could ruin the day. Can it be stopped or is it already too late?   LSJ110PF Day of Death Certs
LSJ111 Big Top 8-14 After their 25 year circuit of the exotics of Raia, the Living Sun Circus Group has made its round to Amthydor! Fun and excitement for most ages are promised! (And maybe a little more…)   LSJ111 Big Top Part 1 Certs
LSJ111 Big Top Part 2 Certs
LSJ112 Forewarned Is Forearmed 5-15 A dangerous mission deep inside enemy territory. A test of skill, resolve, and most importantly, restraint. Are you up to the challenge? Or will others die for your failure?  
LSJ113 Fools Paradise 1-8 The mysterious Jester has made his presence felt in Amthydor and proved he is nobody’s fool. Now will the heroes enter a fool’s paradise?   LSJ113PF Fools Paradise Certs
LSJ114 Children of the Shining Jewel 1-17 A new school for the children has just been built in the Trade District, just outside of the walls of the Poor District. You’ve been asked to volunteer there in your off time to help teach the children. Everything is going as expected when someone notices that children are coming up missing. Can you find them in time?   LSJ114PF Children Of The Shining Jewel Certs
LSJ117 Pegasi, Doggies and Elementals 1-7 A strange message, a quick trip and a babysitting job. How hard can it be to keep two small
children out of trouble? Part two of the Unicorn series. Although previous play of Unicorns,
Puppies and Dragons would be helpful, it is not required for enjoyment in this adventure.
  LSJ117PF Pegasi Doggies and Elementals Certs
LSJ118 Scaling the Skies 7-21 Obsession can cause serious consequences … for one individual or for all. An elusive foe from the past has returned wreaking her usual brand of chaos with her long-time obsession. Now it is up to you to put a stop to her machinations before her ultimate goal is achieved or it will spell disaster to the city … and beyond!
(Note: Players with PCs that are diametrically opposed to having anything to do with the Temple of Dymora may not want to play this event.)
  LSJ118PF Scaling the Skies Part 1 Certs
LSJ118PF Scaling the Skies Part 2 Certs Certs
LSJ119 Skies the Limit 1-17 A little bird came and told you. Follow the hum of his wings before all goes still forever. LSJ119PF Skies the Limit Certs
LSJ120 PF Unsown Seeds 1-17 Sometimes things happen for a reason, sometimes they just happen. The Flora and
Fauna are not acting as they should. Do you have what it takes to discover the
reason behind what’s happening, and how to fix it? Of particular importance to
those in tune with nature.
LSJ120PF Unsown Seeds Certs
LSJ121 Life’s Divine Path 7-17 One’s life path is always a journey. Nothing is set in stone. However, recent events
have brought you to a place where your expertise is needed … more than you
could possible ever know.
LSJ121 Life’s Divine Path Certs
LSJ122 Sharkbait 6-17 A bold plan promises to spell the end for a traitorous pirate chief. But only the strongest allies and smartest tactics will determine who goes home and who feeds the fish. LSJ122 Sharkbait Certs
LSJ123 PF Runaround 1-5 A missing gnome? In a large city? Should be easy to find him, right? Right? LSJ123PF Runaround Certs
LSJ124 PF Your Wish is My Command 1-17 There is an old saying that “If things sound too good to be true, they usually are”. Is this one of
those times?
LSJ125 Reflections of the Past (Through the Looking Glass) 9-17 A dying man’s last request sends the heroes on an adventure to discover history.
What lies in the reflection in the mirror?
  LSJ125PF Reflections of the Past Certs
LSJ126 Isn’t it Amazing 13-20 It’s always about choices, right and wrong, made and unmade. Where will your choices lead you today?   LSJ126PF Isn’t Amazing Certs
LSJ128 Darkness Before the Dawn (Round 1) 7-17 “You are cordially invited to discuss diplomatic relations between the Amthydoran Protectorate and the indigenous denizens of the Darkwood Forest.” This was the message that was once held by an emissary who had burst into flames upon stepping from the sunlit portal and is now a pile of ash on the floor  
LSJ128 Darkness Before the Dawn (Round 2) 7-17 “You are cordially invited to discuss diplomatic relations between the Amthydoran Protectorate and the indigenous denizens of the Darkwood Forest.” This was the message that was once held by an emissary who had burst into flames upon stepping from the sunlit portal and is now a pile of ash on the floor  
LSJ129 What’s Love Got To Do With It 1-17 In the aftermath of healing Ardra, life as we know it has returned to normal, or has it? Spring is in the air, the birds are singing and couples are enjoying each other’s company. But more and more people seemed to be enamored with each other as of late. Is this a natural reaction to what has happened or is there something else going on? LSJ129 What’s Love Got to Do With It Certs
LSJ132 The Harvest 5-16 Someone is slaughtering Sky Elves; and not just individuals – entire villages. Only
the bravest heroes can answer their cry for help and hunt down a mass-murderer
inside their own territory.
LSJ132 The Harvest Certs
LSJ133 Pegacorns, Puppy Dogs and Scary Things 1-6 Why on Raia would wild animals suddenly be acting like house pets? Why are the
druids concerned? Does a missing girl have anything to do with any of this?
LSJ134 Fur and Fang 1-5 A growing evil lurks in the Darkwood leading to the outnumbered Druid’s Grove
asking for help. Will you join their cause to restore balance?
LSJ134 Fur and Fang Certs
LSJ135 Buzz Around Town 1-6 What can possibly go wrong with a gnome experimenting with magic and
alchemy? Should anyone be worried when one of his experiments go awry? From
past experience, everyone should be worried.
LSJ135 Buzz Around Town Certs
LSJ136 Fire in the Sky 1-16 Shooting stars are many things to many people…luck, wishes, signs, and omens.
Most are there one moment and gone the next, but this one keeps coming back to
the same place in the sky every night. Something tells you this one falls squarely
into the “ill omen” category.
LSJ136 Fire in the Sky Certs
LSJ137 Road From Jadenspur 1-16 A meteor is heading for the heavily populated city of Jadenspur. The repercussions will be felt around the entire region. It is a time for heroes to rise to save those who can’t save themselves. LSJ137 Road From Jadenspur Certs
LSJ138 The Sky Is Falling 1-17 An object in the sky is coming to land on Jadenspur. Can you evacuate the hold-outs before it’s
too late?
LSJ138 The Sky Is Falling Certs
LSJ140 Temple of the Beast 1-17 An old mans plea, the Lord’s request. Will you accept, or will you decline. Hero or Mercenary, the choice is yours. LSJ140 Temple of the Beast Certs
LSJ142 A Smiling and Beautiful Countryside 5-15 A Diamond Legion member personally needs your help resolving several conflicts
involving unusual behavior, a shattered mind and a bloody home.
LSJ143Unholy Matrimony 1-17 Problems of the past have a way of influencing the future. Will this be one of those
times? Will you be able to help the city avoid a terse situation from getting worse?
  LSJ143 Unholy Matrimony Certs
LSJ144 Mewling Around Town 1-5 When someone is accused of a crime they didn’t commit, the Diamond Watch investigates. When it is one of their own, they ask for help.   LSJ144 Mewling Around Town Certs
LSJ145 A Foreign Fire 1-11 A strange explosion in the Poor District of Amthydor has turned a building to rubble. The city is abuzz with rumors that the League of Thaumaturgical Studies has encountered something new; a strange power that is unknown to the city…or is it? LSJ145 A Foreign Fire Certs
LSJ146 The Chrysalis 5-16 People around the countryside have been disappearing, and the rural authorities have found naught but dead ends…and worse.  
LSJ147 The Redemption of Man 11-17 You are summoned to the Red Mule Trading Company to deliver a special package.  
LSJ148 The Salvation of Man 11-17 After enjoying breakfast at the White Horse Head Inn, you are approached by an unfamiliar face. You are requested to help save a man from his deepest desires.  
LSJ150 New School Homework and Murder 1-6 It’s bad enough being a young boy sent away to boarding school, but when you are the main suspect in a murder, it is time to call in friends for help.   LSJ150 New School Homework and Murder Certs


Module Levels Blurb Certs
LSJ151 Community Inquiries  5-16  You receive an invitation to visit a distant city, as thanks for past good deeds. Sounds like an opportunity for some shopping and relaxation. What could possibly go wrong? It is strongly recommended that you have played A Foreign Fire prior to this module, with the same character. LSJ151 Community Inquiries Certs
LSJ152 Final Delivery  7-14  A caravan has gone missing in the wilderness and a company hires adventurers to discover what happened. What they discover will make the heroes wish some secrets would remain buried. LSJ152 Final Delivery Certs
LSJ153 Consequences  7-17  An enemy has made a disturbing, unexpected offer, and you have been called upon to take advantage of it. Of course it sounds like a trap…but now that you know it’s a trap, it’s not a surprise anymore, right?  
LSJ154 Tired of Waiting  13-20  The hero’s life is never the easy one. Far too many times have you made too many enemies and this one comes calling.  
LSJ155 Saving Pride  5-11  A Tabreen has come to Amthydor looking for adventurers to assist him in rescuing his pride from a mad scientist. Are you up to the challenge?  
LSJ157 Hair of the Dog  1-6  A gnome has been working on a hair growth tonic for years now. He has finally had success, but at what cost?  
LSJ158 Kismet  1-5  A cryptic letter from a lawyer, lizard-folk, a soothsayer and an inheritance. What began on a stormy day in Amthydor drops you into an adventure foreseen in the cards.  
LSJ160 Aged to Perfection  1-6  Adventure comes in many forms, but looking for a band of elderly citizens escaping their nursemaids doesn’t sound very heroic. What have you gotten yourself involved with this time?  
LSJ161 Spirits Watch Over Us  1-7  The evil forces plaguing the Darkwood are making their move against the Druid Grove. Will you help them counter the threat and protect Amthydor’s woods?  
LSJ162 What Childish Dream is This  1-7  A fairy tale for all times, a little girl lost. What will you do to bring her back?  
LSJ164 Fork in the Road  1-7  A fantastic tale of untold riches? A hunt for treasure into the wilds outside of Amthydor? Can it really be as simple as following a map or is there something darker involved? Either way, it can’t be that difficult for the adventurers of Amthydor…right?  
LSJ165 Letter from an Old Friend      
LSJ166 Descent  7-17 The League of Thaumaturgical Studies often conducts difficult, or even dangerous, research. Normally they’re very careful, and things hardly ever go wrong. But now one of their own has gone missing, and they need your help to find out why.  
LSJ167 Your Princess is in Another Castle  3-11  Distraught parents need your help to free their daughter from a mysterious castle. Will you help?  
LSJ168 The Mysteries of the Singing Woods  1-7  The Fey of the Singing Woods come to Amythdor looking for some intrepid heroes to help them out.  
LSJ171 A Priest’s Plea  9-21  A meeting with the Chancemaster of the House of Fortunes isn’t something that comes along every day.
What could Illudra want with you?
LSJ173 Daddy Issues  7-11  Father may know best but how he shows it is another story. Someone is unimpressed with the way some father’s treat their kids.  
LSJ174 Cheetahs Never Win  1-6  A neck & neck finish to the marathon is exciting, but when someone drops dead before the finish, it’s a different kind of race.  
LSJ175 Skin of Tears  9-19  Adventurers regularly go treasure-hunting, but it’s not often that you get to go artifact hunting. Besides, when was the last time that a magical artifact from an ancient, fallen civilization ever caused any trouble, right?  
LSJ176 Counter Clockwise  1-6  A man claims to be 75 years old, then why does he look like a teenager? Can you help him before the clock turns back a bit too far?  
LSJ178 What’s Hidden Within  1-7  Missing Children in the Commoner’s District. A librarian afraid of her own books. Can you solve the mystery?  
LSJ179 Suzie’s Doll  11-17  As the days start to become colder the small hamlet of Briarhaven prepares to throw the largest harvest festival in its history. As news of the festival spreads so do rumors of a darker history for the small hamlet and the nearby forest.  
LSJ180 Death and Taxes  3-11  How do you misplace a temple? Only time will tell.  
LSJ188 Riddle in the Bones  1-11  There’s a job for you at the Hall of Venturers and the client has requested your aid personally, but not everything is as it appears to be.  
LSJ195 Buyer’s Remorse  1-6  A local businessman needs help. His newly purchased vacant building isn’t as empty as he’d hoped.  




Module Levels Blurb Certs
 LSJ 202 Sound Burst 1-21  Something strange is happening in the city. People are suddenly being unable to communicate other than through singing or reciting prose. Can you discover what happened before it affects you.  LSJ 202 Sound Burst Certs
LSJ 203 Fatal Indulgence 1-21 The temple of Lucor is hiring you to look into mysterious deaths that have recently happened? What is their connection, and why is the temple of Lucor heading the investigation. LS J203 Fatal Indulgence Certs
LSJ 204 Against All Odds 1-6 Several Prominent heroes within the city have been taken into custody, accused of crimes against the city. The heroes all claim to be innocent, as the guilty always do. Have they all turned against the city, or is there more to this than meets the eye. LSJ 204 Against All Odds Certs
 LSJ 205 Course Correction 13-21  The temples of Sorena and Destine have summoned you to meet with them regarding the location of the next piece of the object you seek.  LSJ 205 Course Correction Certs
 LSJ 209 So Close, Yet So Far 9-21 To pierce the walls between dimensions and invade a madman’s hideout, the League needs your help to empower their ritual.  LSJ 209 So Close, Yet So Far Certs
 LSJ 210 No Surface Dwellers Allowed 3-11 An infant with unnatural power was snatched out of the Druids’ hands by the Drow. Do you dare to mount a rescue mission into a strongly defended zone of the Drow territory?  LSJ 210 No Surface Dwellers Allowed Certs
 LSJ 211 Pirate of Diamonds 3-11 “X” marks the spot! A treasure map has been found! But there is a catch. The map leads to an island smack in the middleof pirate-infested waters. Is an treasure worth such a risk?  LSJ 211 Pirate of Diamonds Certs
 LSJ 212 Beer Run 1-6 A local town is having its annual beerfest and you are invited as judges.
What could go wrong?
 LSJ 212 Beer Run Certs
 LSJ 214 Beer Run II 1-6 You have been invited as guests of honor to Brexton’s Beerfest. After last year’s attack, surely it will go better this time. It is strongly suggested to play Beer Run first.  LSJ 214 Beer Run II Certs
 LSJ 215 Death by Chocolate 1-21 Sometimes what you eat can hurt you, but then again that’s what the villains were counting on. Can you find the villains and stop them before people die.  LSJ 215 Death by Chocolate Certs
 LSJ 217 Hare Today Gone Tomorrow 1-7 While most people pay attention to the bigger picture, the smallest of things can tend to go unnoticed. The High Druid of Brianna would like you to correct that oversight.  LSJ 217 Hare Today Gone Tomorrow Certs
 LSJ 218 Where Are We Now 5-13    LSJ 218 Where Are We Now Certs
 LSJ 220 The Way Back 1-9 Amthydor’s recent troubles have left the city devastated, and the Kingdom of the Shining Coast vulnerable. People are stepping up to help, some of them unexpected.  LSJ 220 The Way Back Certs
 LSJ 221 Noble Intentions 9-21 No good deed goes unpunished, and some deeds might be the death of you. A former adventurer was killed for what he thought was right. Was it an accident or was there something more nefarious behind his death?  LSJ 221 Noble Intentions Certs
 LSJ 225 Baby Sitter’s Club 1-9 It isn’t every day that you get a personal request from the Queen. Hopefully this means that she and the king appreciate your abilities?  LSJ 225 Baby Sitter’s Club Certs
 LSJ 228 Lost Child, Angry Bear 1-7 A tragedy of selfishness in the Commoner’s District has unleashed a strange construct on Amthydor. The Quorum of Faith is overwhelmed and needs help containing the threat.  LSJ 228 Lost Child, Angry Bear Certs
 LSJ 229 The Riddle of Fire 5-11 An old friend sends you a letter requesting your aid against your mutual foes. Destiny can take you to the strangest places.  LSJ 229 Riddle of Fire Certs
 LSJ 230 Ride Along 1-9 With the Diamond Legion starved for personnel, the time-honored practice of hiring adventurers to bolster their ranks has made a comeback. Perks include: fair pay, honest work, the training and opportunity to join the Legion, and, if you’re very lucky, the risk of a violent death on any given patrol.
It keeps the days interesting.
 LSJ 230 Ride Along Certs
 LSJ 232 Wishful Thinking 9-21 The next piece of the Godbuilder has been located. With so many people after it, will you be able to obtain it before they do?  LSJ 232 Wishful Thinking Certs
 LSJ 234 Aww Nuts 1-7 It is said that the more you grow into your abilities, the bigger the problems you are met with. Truer words were never spoken.  LSJ 234 Aww Nuts Certs
 LSJ 235 Falsely Accused 2-10 Two Legionnaires stand accused of a dozen murders, and the evidence supports it. But you’re the only ones who still feel like something’s wrong. And of course the truth isn’t easy or clear-cut…where would be the fun in that?  Certs Unavailable
 LSJ 236 Has Anyone Seen My Baby? 1-7 Babies are disappearing and small dead animals are found in their place. Why would someone do something like this and what’s with the dead animals?  LSJ 236 Has Anyone Seen My Baby Certs
 LSJ 237 Inner Workings 11-17 One man’s nightmares are another man’s adventures. When you are asked to seek out a broken man’s dreams, what will you sacrifice.  LSJ 237 Inner Workings Certs
 LSJ 240 What Do We Have Here 1-5 You’re being hired for manual labor. But why would someone hire adventurers to dig holes? What possibly is expected to come out?  No Certs
 LSJ 243 The Next Wave 1-9 As the adventuring community approaches retirement, King Rafe is concerned that there will be a shortage of adventurers. Replacements will need the skills necessary to allow the city to continue to prosper and has turned to current adventurers to ensure they’re ready.  LSJ 243 The Next Wave Certs
 LSJ 244 Border Games 3-8 The Kingdom of Amthydor expanded their borders increasing the protectorates boundaries. New Outposts and garrisons were built on these new frontiers. But one such outpost has gone silent and PCs are asked to investigate. What will the  PCs find on the borders of their new frontiers?  LSJ 244 Border Games Certs
 LSJ 248 A Time For Everything 5-11 Your battle against your foes finally comes to its destined conclusion.  LSJ 248 A Time For Everything Certs


Module Blurb Certs